Our mission

Sellers and brands are growing across different marketplaces and sales channels. In parallel, large marketplaces such as Amazon and others have trained customers to expect products delivered to their doorsteps within 1-2 days at no extra cost. Many sellers are falling behind and cannot deliver cost effectively and quickly. Our mission is to enable merchants to delight their customers with cost effective and performant deliveries across their sales channels throughout Europe.

Who are we ?

  • Edouard Chabrol


    Edouard speaks several languages and graduated from HEC Paris in 2006. After starting his career in consulting, he managed sales teams at Google and Amazon across Europe. He was most recently in charge of Amazon Pay in Southern Europe.

  • Ehab El Akel

    Chief Operating Officer

    After working in operations, product, and managing the launch of the Spanish market, Ehab's knowledge of the logistics and e-commerce sector allowed him to gradually take charge of the customer experience at Cubyn, starting with restructuring the customer service department and developing the account manager function. Today, in order to improve the customer experience at Cubyn, Ehab manages different strategic projects with its product, account management and business strategy teams.

  • Charlène Laferiere

    Head of Sales

    Charlene graduated from Nottingham Business School and has started her career in sales at Cubyn 5 years ago. After a proven track record generating new businesses and opportunities she is now managaing the French and Spanish e-shop sales to enable Cubyn's ambitious growth plan.

  • Etienne de Valmont

    Head of Partnerships

    With a double degree in industrial engineering and management, Etienne lived 5 years in Spanish-speaking countries and has been working for 8 years in e-commerce, first in operations and then in business, in multinationals as well as small structures.

  • Vincent Feildel

    VP Operations Strategy

    Vincent is in charge of Operations Strategy at Cubyn. He has a background in business -Dauphine University- and software development -Le Wagon. Vincent went for a career in logistics -freight forwarder Bolloré, supply chain consulting for Monoprix and Naval Group. At Cubyn he launched 2 major automation technologies : Robotics storage and shipping sorter.

  • Pierre Flipo

    Warehouses Director

    Pierre studied at IESEG in France as well as in India and Poland. He joined Cubyn at the launch of operations in 2015 working over the years on Logistics, Transportation and Customer Service functions. He is in charge of operations in France and Spain.

  • Maxence Douet

    Chief Technical Officer

    After graduating from the Arts et Métiers and the University of Melbourne, Maxence began his career in investment banking, then co-founded Animate Storiz, which was sold in 2018. He then joined Cubyn to implement the internal Warehouse Management System and structured the technical team consisting of software, robotics, cloud & data engineers.

  • Hugo Chaton

    Head of Data

    After graduating from ESSEC and Centrale Paris, Hugo quickly oriented his career around the value of data. At the interface between technical challenges and business value, he first worked at Amazon, then at Foxintelligence before joining Cubyn in September 2021.

  • Quentin Héliot

    Finance & Legal

    Quentin graduated from Kedge Business School with a specialization in Finance and Audit. After 4 years at Deloitte, he chose to come to Cubyn where he was able to accompany the growth of the start-up in France but also in Europe.


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