Fast fulfillment, predictable and low prices

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Simple pricing

Transparent billing, low prices

With Cubyn there is one price for all your order fulfillment needs. Price offered cover storage, order preparation, deliveries and support.

On-demand billing

You will be billed based on your monthly use of our services. There are no hidden costs.

No long term commitment

No long term contracts, overhead, or costly investment. Change your usage as your business evolves and your demands change.

What do our prices look like?

You care about your cost? So do we. We commit to offer the most competitive prices.



7.62 €



5.84 €


What is included in my bill?

Your bill covers goods reception, storing, picking, packing, shipping and support. Our prices vary depending on the delivery modes (D+1, D+2 or Relay).

Are there additional costs?

There can be additional costs depending on the services you want to activate. For instance an additional pick costs an additional 38 cents per item. Activating our b to b parcel offer or choosing a better service level for marketplace sales does incur additional costs. Reach out to your manager for more details!

How are storage fees calculated?

Storages fees are based on volume and stock rotation. For instance, 2 week of storage is free but additional storage over longer period of time does incur additional costs. Again you can reach out to your account manager for more details.

Our environmental commitments

As an emerging leader in the supply chain industry, we believe we have a responsibility to take action on climate change. To achieve this, we've taken a number of concrete actions.