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Ecommerce is growing

and can have negative impacts on our environment. Bad decisions about ecommerce supply chain can compound these negative impacts. We have made the conscious decision to improve the standards of our industry and pave the way for more sustainable and equitable ecommerce logistics.

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Our environmental commitments

As an emerging leader in the supply chain industry, we believe we have a responsibility to take action on climate change. To achieve this, we've taken a number of concrete actions.

Our operations

  • We have robotized our fulfillment operations, bringing down by 90% our direct energy consumption and by 80% our indirect energy consumption (ie scope 3).

  • We use only recycled packaging and have banned plastic packaging from our operations.

  • We are on track to achieve 60% fill rate in packaging. When we can, we frequently ship “package-less” orders.

  • We actively promote delivery modes that are less carbon intensive, such as letters and non-tracked parcels.

Our initiatives

  • We have measured the details of our environmental footprint. Our dataset is also used for carrier allocation, supply chain strategies and advising our customers.

  • We are an active member of the FEVAD (French industry group) working group on sustainable ecommerce logistics.

  • We promote sustainable lifestyle among our teams for instance mandating employees to take the train when they commute, including on long distance commutes (ie. Barcelona-Paris or Marseille-Paris).

Our social commitments

We do our best to improve the social practice of our industry. Far away from the cliches and generalizations, we believe that it can be fun and interesting to work in fulfillment centers. That's why we have taken several steps to ensure that we are fulfilling our social responsibilities.

Our teams

  • We believe that technology can improve the quality of work life for our employees. It creates diversity in tasks to be completed and offers opportunities for problem solving to our employees, regardless of their seniority.

  • Our teammates are mostly employed on a permanent basis. We only occasionally employ temporary workers to address variations in demand.

  • We promote from the inside female and male supply chain talent.

Our initiatives

  • All our employees, regardless of seniority and roles, hold an equity stake in the company.

  • Diversity is actively promoted through our in’Cub initiatives and our diversity and inclusion charter.

  • Parents have a dedicated work charter to create a flexible work environment adjusted to them and their families.

Our partnersOur partnersOur partnersOur partnersOur partnersOur partnersOur partnersOur partnersOur partnersOur partners

We cannot achieve those objectives on our own and therefore decided to partner with leading companies to help us reach our commitments.

To name just a few for our environmental commitments:

  • Raja, packaging company with planet-friendly innovations such as paper tape and new recycled packaging.
  • Magelan, consulting firm specializing in measuring and reducing carbon emissions.
  • Phenix, company that redistributes unsold goods (dead stocks) to charities.

For our social commitments, we work with:

  •, start-up specialising in providing well-being and mental health resources for employees.
  • Vendredi, platform empowering employees to contribute to the causes they care about.