The most secure solution to deliver your inventory at Cubyn

Access the complete end-to-end logistics experience by handing over your supplier deliveries management to Cubyn to improve your quality, save time and optimize your fulfillment.

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Peace & tranquility on supplier deliveries

Having all your mechandise shipped from your suplliers to Cubyn delivery centers can be stressful! We take the full responsibility for the merchandise transport and ensure a safer and guaranteed stock delivery.

We take care of everything

No more time spent on supplier deliveries, carrier disputes, carrier invoicing and customs clearance administration. We provide simplicity with a unique interlocutor to manage and monitor first mile operations. Thanks to our smart detection of delivery issue and partnership with main carriers, we can resolve a lost shipment in an hour (vs 30 days for your usual carrier).

Fast & secured reception

Benefit from a D+1 inbound with our First Mile offer ! Thanks to our strong partners integrations, we accelerate your stock reception and we provide a better quality on your receptions as we avoid damages, long delays, reception gaps, and any other type of incident.

European scope from day one

Leverage our network of delivery centers accross Europe to manage suppliers in multiple markets.

Follow-up and manage your deliveries with our innovative interface

While handing over your suppliers deliveries, our platform still allows you to track all your shipments and manage easily your different suppliers.