Automated storage solution for your products

A complete storage solution in our automated fulfillment centers. Our software and hardware propietary technology is built to boost efficiency and accuracy so that you can manage your physical inventory in real-time.

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Improve your storage lead times

Fast, precise and automated inventory management systems : Our technology enables fast inbound with the highest level of quality. With the fast track option, your items can be ready for sale in only 3 hours !

The smartest inventory management system to never run out of stock

Thanks to fast inbound and real-time inventory tracking, you never lose a sale : Our efficient scan-based item counting and product barcode identification allow you to have a live view of inbound reception and inventory levels across your sales channel.

The most reliable solution to entrust your stock

Fulfillment automation guarantees the highest standards in term of inventory quality and precision : Your items are safely stored and a daily rolling inventory is run to make sure our precision standards are respected. Your items can also be protected with our Full Shrinkage Protection.

Pilot your stock and activity with our innovative interface

Our platform allows you to easily track, manage and resolve any issues regarding your stocks.

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