The ideal delivery solution for online brands

Fast and low-emission deliveries, personalized unboxing, seamless post buying experience

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Fast and successful deliveries

Your customers are trained by the largest marketplaces to get their deliveries quickly at no extra cost. Cubyn enables you to step up your customer experience to that of the leading retailers. We obsess over the quality of our service and our performance for our customers. We are also transparent about it.

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A suite of products to match your logistical needs

We have developed a suite of products to meet your logistics needs, allowing you to sell on all channels and strengthen your brand

B2B orders

Fast, reliable and cost-effective B2B fulfillment solutions. Ideal for delivering to your partner and sell your products in a physical store.

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Parcel Customization

Custom packaging is the ultimate memorable unboxing experience solution. Increase loyalty, user generated content and drive revenue with on-point experience.

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Promotion & Flyers

Add flyers, stickers & promotions to reward you clientele and build a loyal customer base.

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