"A trustful relationship": the testimony of Côté Bougie

"A trustful relationship": the testimony of Côté Bougie

Two years after the beginning of the partnership between Cubyn and Côté Bougie, Marie Leroux gives us her testimony.

Côté Bougie, manufacturers of high-end candles for twenty years, was founded by Omar Benabderrazik and his team. The 100% handmade is at the heart of their values. 

Based in Marrakech, they have recently launched their online sales and the brand has trusted Cubyn for almost two years to develop on the French market.


During their search for their first third-party logistics for their French expansion, Côté Bougie quickly found Cubyn. Facing a new market, the need to outsource in order to focus on their core business and keep the craft intact made sense.

  Omar and his team wanted to provide an optimal buying and post-purchasing experience to gain and develop the trust of their new customers. 


In September 2020, Côté Bougie decided to partner up with Cubyn to help them in the launch of their e-commerce website for the French market. Cubyn then quickly became an expansion partner for the brand. 

A well thought-out onboarding for a carefree launch

For Omar and his team, this was their first experience with a logistics partner. The first exchanges and the onboarding phase are therefore crucial points for a good future collaboration. Marie underlines that from the very first exchanges everything was fluid with the Cubyn teams and that "the onboarding was a real success" despite the lack of familiarity of her team with the tools of a logistics platform. 

This was followed by a first stocking that Marie describes as having been "more than fast" which made it possible to have their products available for sale on their website almost instantaneously. 

A high quality of service that enables growth

The fast and reliable parcel deliveries operated by Cubyn allowed the brand to start building a community in France very quickly.  Thanks to Cubyn, Côté Bougie is able to offer several shipping methods: Express, Standard, Relay and this to countries all over the world, which has strongly encouraged purchases of their luxurious candles beyond national borders in just a few months. 


Since the beginning of the collaboration with Cubyn in autumn 2020, Côté Bougie has been able to develop serenely in France and has almost tripled in volume.  As for customer satisfaction, Marie also notes that after almost 2 years with Cubyn, they have had nothing but good feedback: "no consumer has ever complained".  A real relationship of trust has been established between Côté Bougie and Cubyn since the beginning of the collaboration. They are more than satisfied to have trusted a logistician to accompany them in their development.

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