Customer Success Story: Cubyn x V-tech

V-tech is an e-commerce merchant based in China mainly selling phones across several marketplaces such as Back Market and Amazon. They have been using Cubyn’s services for two years. 

Messa Lin, Chief Operating Officer tells us about the collaboration with Cubyn.


Before joining Cubyn, V-tech used a third-party overseas warehouse service to ship goods from China to Europe.

One of the pain points they experienced was the uncertainty regarding the timeframe for goods to be warehoused with this partner, which is the reason why they started looking for another logistics solution.

At that time, the merchant was mostly selling on the marketplace Back Market. Back Market being a long-standing partner for Cubyn, they naturally suggested to V-tech that they should use Cubyn to manage their logistics. 

V-tech had several criteria in mind when engaging with a new partner:

  • Pricing with the need to benefit from a good quality/price ratio.

  • Good SLAs (Service-Level Agreement) as fast deliveries are key to both merchants and consumers.

  • Communication ease with the logistics partner. 


In February 2020, V-tech chose Cubyn for its logistics, based on these criteria and on Back Market's recommendations. After some time of using the service, it turns out that all the criteria that the merchant had in mind are met.

A user-friendly interface and a great ease of communication

V-tech experienced a smooth communication with Cubyn throughout the entire process. After a very short phase of familiarization with Cubyn service‘s requirements, they were able to manage the processes in full autonomy. This was greatly facilitated by the help and instruction from Cubyn's experts as well as the clear interface that helped get everything up and running very quickly. Overall, the process of becoming acquainted with Cubyn's interface went without a hitch.

According to V-tech, compared with the overseas warehouse they were using before, Cubyn's system is way easier to use and has a better interface design. From product warehousing to order fulfillment, delivery tracking and after-sales solution, everything can be managed and monitored from the same interface.

A top-notch quality of service that enhances customer satisfaction 

Since they started using Cubyn, V-tech noticed significant progress in terms of quality of service and compliance with deadlines. The goods are placed on the shelves within 48 hours, which is faster than other international warehouses and orders are also sent and dispatched faster in comparison with other service providers in the industry.

This operational excellence is especially made possible by Cubyn's algorithm-based optimal carrier selection mode. With other third-party services, each delivery mode usually has only one designated carrier. Cubyn provides merchants with a superior solution by using a proprietary algorithm to match the best carrier for each order based on real-time monitoring of carriers’ transportation efficiency data. Merchant orders are thus more logistically efficient and cost-effective, according to V-tech.

They also greatly appreciate Cubyn's delivery guarantee service that emerged a few months ago. The offer does not only guarantee the delivery time of all merchants' orders, but also provides after-sales compensation for possible delivery incidents, which is highly reassuring for the merchants. V-tech finds the process very smooth, both for the final consumer and for the merchant to file a claim for the order in question. The use of this offer makes merchants' orders delivered safely, while increasing consumer trust and happiness - a winning operation for both merchants and online buyers.

Growth opportunities through Cubyn's feature developments

V-tech also noted better features development with Cubyn than with the other partners they worked with.

They especially highlight the fact that Cubyn is not only established in France but also in Spain, which is a great opportunity to grow when you have sales in both France and Spain - which is the case of V-tech. 

The multi-warehouse one-stop system optimizes delivery times while simultaneously lowering shipping costs

V-tech appreciates the fact that Cubyn allows merchants to handle inventory and orders from both warehouses in the same system via the same interface, allowing them to grow their business into new markets as quickly as feasible.


Since the beginning of the partnership with Cubyn, V-tech has observed that both merchants and consumers were pleased with the promise of timely delivery

Thanks to Cubyn's developments, they are now more confident in growing and expanding their business. 

They also have a high level of confidence in the Cubyn warehouse which is key when dealing with high-value products. Merchants are particularly pleased with the specific supervision made at the warehouse when it comes to high-value products, which allows them to keep their goods in Cubyn’s warehouses with complete trust.


« Cubyn not only ensures delivery on time, but also constantly optimizes their logistics network to keep their costs as low as feasible.»

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