A full reverse service for you and your consumers.

Benefit from a fast & simple reverse experience to ease returns from your consumers and speed up the restoring of your quality checked items.

Return Delivery

Prepaid transport labels

Offer a fast return experience to your consumers with our prepaid transport label that they can directly download from their tracking page without any interaction on your side.

price of a standard shipment

Harmonised tracking system

Your consumers can now instantly track their orders progress and trigger actions to solve their delivery issues. We aggregate and map thousands of differents carrier events into a unique and harmonised tracking system of less than 200 events for better understanding and clarity.

  • included
Real-time tracking page

To deliver the best consumer experience, the content is automatically displayed in appropriate languages among French, Spanish and English.

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Reception & Quality Check

Item Reception

We receive your product in our automated warehouses. Everything is managed from carrier unloading to packing units unbatching. We label your items according to the offer you subscribed to. If you didn't subscribe to any offer, we label your items under a generic SKU for recipient returns.

  • included
Item Screening

You are the expert of your product, we take photos, you qualify. Benefit from our service of 360° photos of your product to qualify your returned product. In only 2 business day, your product screening is ready to be qualified.

0.8€ / item

Item Advanced Quality Check

You can opt for a quality check offer by delegating the qualification task to us. We operate a specific check on your products based on their category, then we are able to put them back in stock according to the output.

1.45€ / return

Merchant Desk

Real time orders tracking

You can instantly track orders from your unified interface - We aggregate and map thousands of differents carrier events and statuses into a unique and harmonised tracking system of less than 200 events. It also works for all carrier returns or failed deliveries.

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In-app return details

You can find all outputs of your Item receptions, Advanced Quality Check & Screening on your unified interface. We provide you with all the information so that you can take decisions regarding refunds & after-sales.

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