Overview of Cubyn's performance during Black Friday 2021: a highly satisfactory quality of service thanks to tech

Overview of Cubyn's performance during Black Friday 2021: a highly satisfactory quality of service thanks to tech

Cubyn's performance during Black Friday at a glance:

  • Cubyn doubled its warehouse staffing for this Black Friday.

  • Thanks to Cubyn’s smart carrier allocation, 97% of the orders to be processed during Black Friday were delivered within 3 days.

  • No backlog and 99% of orders out in D+1.

Most recent analyses show that, this year, Black Friday was yet again a great success in France, especially on the Internet. Indeed, the Internet captured 39% of the revenue generated during the week of Black Friday, which is +8 points compared to the 2021 average.* (source : study by GfK)

To give you an insight into the increased demand, in Cubyn’s warehouses, shipping volumes increased threefold during this period and we shipped tens of thousands of parcels in just a few days. See graph below.

A performance on target despite some tensions among carriers

Despite significant tension among the carrier networks due to higher than usual volumes during the Black Friday period, Cubyn managed to absorb the shock by providing a very satisfactory quality of service. 

As a result, 97% of the packages to be processed were delivered within 3 days

This means that, unlike many logistics providers, we managed to avoid any backlogs and to get 99% of orders out in D+1. 

A high elasticity in our handling processes

To achieve this quality level, we have deployed a great deal of energy to compensate for a particularly tense situation within our partner carriers. 

This outperformance was mainly made possible by the technology deployed internally. 

By leveraging our data to make the most accurate forecast possible, we managed to anticipate as well as possible the necessary recruitments in our warehouses. Thanks to this analysis, as well as the elasticity of our handling processes, we have been able to double our warehouse staffing for this Black Friday peak period.

An optimized carrier allocation algorithm

Cubyn has been using a multi-carrier approach for years now. Beyond being a very important competitive advantage in normal times, this multi-carrier adaptability has proved crucial in times of tension within our networks. 

Based on a number of factors (destination, weight, real time data from the carriers, previous carriers' performance on comparable shipments etc.), our CarrierPredict algorithm allows us to determine the most effective carrier for each parcel at any given time. 

During this Black Friday, we have been able to put the necessary intelligence into the carrier allocation process in order to make the most of the situation by optimizing our quality of service and delivery times

Without the use of our state-of-the-art algorithm, we determined that performance would have been at least five points lower overall. This means that it would have impacted 5 orders per 100 orders, that is to say thousands of recipients journeys. By using our carrier allocation algorithm, we thus avoided tons of resolutions from the Customer Service and enhanced the customer experience of a great number of consumers.

We are proud to have been able to support our clients in this critical period for their business. The next goal for both Cubyn and our customers is to deploy the same energy for the upcoming holiday season, in order to guarantee a performance that is at least equivalent, if not better.

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