Customer Success Story: Cubyn x Véritable

Customer Success Story: Cubyn x Véritable

Véritable is a French medium-sized company specialized in urban agriculture. Founded 6 years ago, the company offers products made in France, 80% of which are manufactured in the Lyon region. The company has grown exponentially over the last few years through several channels (e-shop, marketplaces, export, central purchasing units etc.)

For a year and a half now, Véritable has been trusting Cubyn for its e-commerce logistics.

Rachida - Customer Success Manager (CSM) at Véritable - tells us about her collaboration with Cubyn.


Before working with Cubyn, Véritable handled its B2C logistics internally. This was an extremely time-consuming organization, especially in the run-up to the end-of-year holidays, a highly seasonal period for the brand. With ambitious challenges to meet in terms of volumes of orders to be shipped and performance, it became necessary for the brand to find a trusted partner to rely on in order to be sure to deliver orders on time and with great responsiveness. A long period of benchmarking then began, with one imperative in mind for the Vértiable's CSM: instantaneousness.

This criterion is all the more important for Véritable in view of their multi-channel sales strategy: apart from their e-shop, Véritable is present on a large number of marketplaces such as Amazon, Fnac Darty, Boulanger or Cdiscount. On these marketplaces, obtaining the buybox is a major challenge for merchants. Preparing orders as quickly as possible and shipping them quickly is key to the health of their marketplace accounts as well as to maintain a good scoring.


After several months of searching for the right partner, Véritable started working with Cubyn in July 2020. 

Delivery times met and responsiveness at extremely competitive rates 

For Véritable, the beginning of the partnership with Cubyn marks the resolution of all their concerns and issues related to delivery times. Thanks to Cubyn, the brand now has peace of mind when it comes to managing its B2C logistics, even during peak periods. As Rachida explains, orders are systematically prepared quickly: "We have found that if orders are submitted before 1pm, they leave the same day" - in line with the Cubyn promise.

Véritable also appreciates that this operational excellence does not come with a higher bill. On the contrary, the brand notes that its costs remain under control thanks to a "very aggressive" pricing and an "extremely competitive pricing structure."

Reassurance and customer satisfaction with Cubyn Delivery Guarantee

More recently, Rachida discovered the Cubyn Delivery Guarantee offer: a service launched by Cubyn during 2021 that offers consumers the first delivery guarantee in e-commerce - which include a systematic refund in the event of a late, damaged, incomplete or lost package - as well as an intuitive customer support via the Cubyn Live webapp.

Véritable particularly appreciates the fact that the offer relieves the pressure on its customer service department, an issue that Rachida knows well as a CSM. According to her, this is a considerable time saver, since more than 50% of requests can be handled by Cubyn without any intervention from Véritable.

As for the delivery guarantee, it has become a crucial element of reassurance for the brand, for whom customer satisfaction has always been a core concern. For Rachida, Cubyn has perfectly understood the need for immediacy of today's consumers and is delighted to be able to benefit, as she explains, from a "premium service, but in an automatic and systematic way" while keeping the flexibility offered by Cubyn as to the choice of its sales platform and its shipping methods in particular. 


Since the beginning of the collaboration with Cubyn, Véritable has kept growing. This is especially apparent when comparing pre-collaboration data with post-collaboration with Cubyn data: between November 2019 and November 2020, the number of monthly shipments has nearly doubled (x1.85 in one year)

Between the beginning of this year and now, sales have increased by 30% even though this is the low season for Veritable.

For Rachida, Cubyn has played its part in this growth and such results could not have been achieved by keeping their old logistics organization. 

In 2022, Véritable plans to move and grow even more, and it is still with Cubyn that the brand is planning. For Rachida, who says she can't wait to see what December brings in terms of growth and operational excellence, "logistics will always be with Cubyn!"

In short, for Veritable, working with Cubyn today means: 

  • Instantaneousness with orders prepared and shipped very quickly thanks to a strong B2C expertise

  • Great flexibility and shared values between Veritable and Cubyn for a solid and long-lasting partnership

  • A powerful reassurance tool for consumers thanks to the Cubyn delivery guarantee

  • Significant time saved for Véritable thanks to Cubyn Live

  • Extremely competitive pricing

  • Exponential growth: sales multiplied by 2 between November 2019 and November 2020, +30% since the beginning of 2021.


« What's most important about Veritable, and what has delighted us about Cubyn, is the immediacy. Cubyn is a partner we can rely on for web sales, it's a breath of fresh air that allows us to focus on B2B chartering. We know that with Cubyn, all orders will be processed and shipped on time. »

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